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Elevated wall beds

Sales price: 925,00 €

ZPS 90x200

Closed: 217 x 65 x 38 x 230 cm (H) Open : 217 x 101 x 230 cm (H)

If you have a child or a guest who both needs to sleep either to work in a desk, the right solution is an elevated wall bed with an attached desk.

Working table can be used independently, regardless the bed is open or closed. In addition to home use these are ideal for collegiate and youth homes, hostels, hotels and other limited spaces. The elevated wall beds when closed occupy only 38cm space.

Wall beds ZPS - completely cosntructed in metal with or without side walls of MFC ( melanine faced chipboard ) (outdoor and indoor model).

Mattress: width - 80, 90 cm, length - 160, 180, 190, 200, 210 cm. The only restriction is that the standard vesion thickness of the mattress should not exceed 21.5 cm.

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